What is WordPress?

WordPress is nothing but simple web publishing application.

Its downloaded and install in a server and connected to the database.

WordPress is easy to build and maintainable thing.

WordPress is the tool you use to publish content and the visitors uses to access that content.

Once installed, you can build any type of site with WordPress namely Blog, Portfolio, Magazine, E-Commerce, Community sites, Business site, Forum, Social networks its possibly virtually endless.

According to me WordPress is an interface between A Publisher, A Database and A Visitor and the same way WordPress is a tool you use the publish a content on the web and the tool your visitor is access the content like a word processing application MS Word is to creating and access documents. WordPress is create and access Database entries.

Your site and contents are not a WordPress, WordPress is just interface between to your site and content.

The application called WordPress specifications is

1. CMS (Content Management System),

A common acronym for content management system, which does the heavy lifting of creating storing, and distributing your content.

There are many content management system some like Drupal, Jumla or opensource like WordPress.

2.A Community

WordPress is a community. its special is free open-source application as well as the people who use it and build it through open-source contribution.

You can download WordPress for Free, Use it for Free, Publish whatever you want with that for Free all this is  make  by possible by the GPL.

GPL (General Public License) which allows WordPress to be downloaded, used, modified and redistributed freely.

When you start using WordPress you will be heart of WordPress community which is made up of people like you and me.

By using WordPress you are together with community

Every day people like you and me write Blog, Post, designs and code then teach others to  use WordPress to Publisher their ideas, Creations  etc.,and every minutes  new information is share through WordPress and make valuable to the world

So next time some one ask to you what WordPress is… you know a WordPress is whatever you want it.

Thank you,

To Be Continue…


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