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What is Photoshop and How to use Photoshop in WordPress (Part I)

Hi everyone welcome to WordPress Creating and Editing custom theme.

In this upcoming blog I am going to step to the conceptualize of the  designing with complete WordPress to specific need to client.

First of all lets see what is Photoshop and its process.

This is the year to celebrate 26th birthday of Photoshop.

Okay fine…,  lets start about Photoshop…

Photoshop is designing tool which is world wide popular designing tool. We can assume some sketch, coloring, manipulate, crop, resize, and correct color on digital photo

Example of Photoshop editing namely manipulation is one of the leading designing in now days. We can create lot of creative designing through the Photoshop.

Okay what is the purpose of Photoshop in WordPress???…

Alright, WordPress is nothing but simple web publishing application by using HTML, CSS. If you are a designer or interesting in Photoshop just make a template design and convert to WordPress.

How does a template is look ???

A template is looking like


To Be Continued… 


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