Software Testing

Software Testing – I

Software Testing – I

Before we entering into testing we should know about s/w development process

Software Development process

Its a process, that described series of phases, procedures and steps thats used to result in the production of s/w product

Requirements Analysis and Process -> Product specification Process -> Design Process -> Testing Process (Verification / Validation) -> Implementation -> Maintenance.

Describe Testing

Testing is related to two their process called “Verification” and “Validation”

Generally described as group of procedures carried out to evaluate some aspects of piece of a s/w


Its a process used for revealing the defects in a s/w for establishing that their s/w has attain  the specified agree of quality with respective to released attributes

Testing is executed or exercised in a system in order to identify any gapes, errors. or missing requirements

Definition of Error, Fault and Failures


An error is an mistake, misconception or misunderstanding


A fault is introduced in the system / software as the result of an error

Its an anomaly in a s/w that may cause to behave incorrectly, not according to its specification


A failure is the in ability of system / software or component to performance requirement, functionality within specified performs requirements .

Lets see in another post -> Who does test?, When to start testing?, When to stop testing?


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