S/W Testing · Who and When

Software Testing II (Who & When)

Who does testing?

Its depends on process and associated stack holder of project moreover developer also conduct testing which called “unit testing”

Who may can test -> Software tester, Software developer, Project head, Project manager, End user, Software assurance engineer, QA analyst

When to start testing?

An “early test” start to test “reduces the cost” time to “rework and error free s/w” that’s delivered to client however in SDLC testing can be started from requirements gathering phase and last till the deployment of s/w however that also depends on development model

for example:

In waterfall model formal testing is conducted in test phase but in incremental model test is performed at end of every incremental / iteration and at end whole application is tested reviewing in the design. In design phase within intend to improve design is also consider as testing.

When to stop?

It is difficult to determine the testing is a never ending process and no one can say that any s/w risk 100% tested.

Following are the aspect which should be consider to stop the test

1.Testing dead line

2. Competition of TC execution

3. Competition of functional and code coverage  to certain point

4 Bug rate faults below certain level and no high priority bugs are identify

5.Management decision

For Organization 

An organization must structure its testing process so that it can deliver s/w “on-time” and “within the budget” and “also satisfy the clients requirements”

Organizational policy for testing  must be “define and documented”. Testing much be planned, testers have quantifiable goal that can be measured and monitored.







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