Software Testing · Test cases


Test case can be documented as describe in the IEEE 829 std for test documentation

Once a given i/p value has been chosen the tester need to determine what the expected result of entering that i/p would be and “Doc” it as a part of test case. Expected results included into displaced on the screen is response to an i/p

we would conclude that the test has passed, when in fault the s/w has not given the correct result

Small different in one calculation can added to some thing very major later on, for example if results once multiplied by large factor hence idly expected result should be predicted both test is run

E Mail ID (Verification) TC in +ve and -ve  

Positive TC for E Mail ID

In a Email screen on a window they show 2 text box  / display

1.For Mail ID

2. Password

Then one button namely as “Sign in”

Verification of text box 1 on the screen when the i/[ was given as alphabets for the email identification and special character (@) then domain name (gmail, ymail)

Again the verification on a 2nd text box when the i/p was clicked as “password” like numeric, Alphanumeric etc.,

Verification of given i/p’s on a screen / text box when clicked sign in button

Negative TC for E Mail ID

In some of FSD (Functional Specification Document), we should be given about warning when we was not enter the @ and the Domain Name so on. Verification of warning message starting when clicked the signup button (like gmail, ymail hotmail, @, .dot).


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