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Test Case Components

Test Case Components 

The Main Components are


2. Setup condition

3.Main Objective

4. Actual steps which shows be as possible describing how to i/p such thing and what is expecting as an output

5. A Pass / Fail statement and may be a comments that are describing what out thing cause the failure if its failed

How to prepare a TC from FSD ( Function specification Document)

Take a simple example our window calculate where we are going to test only one operation which is adding 2no’s, have we need to access the situation and our imagines should be on the right tracks as we own get our product or s/w before hand

Testing the calculation 1+1 = 2

Calculation has 4 button, 1 text box -> Display for giving a answer, we have a button 1, 1, +, =. So if we give 1 the first time it should be displayed in the text box again we need to press the operation that is +

then press the 2nd input 1, which should be appear on the display and then press = the desired o/p you should set is 2 (i.e) what will be given in the form FSD

We check where we press 1

Do we set it in the screen?

The TC called the application should be as follows

Example for positive TC’s

“Verification of display of 1 on the screen when the i/p was given or when the button was clicked and llly for the 2nd i/p

Again “verification display 1 on the screen are when the button was clicked” now comes the result

“Verification of display of 2 on the screen when “=” button was clicked

Example for Negative Test Cases 

In same FSD’s we would be given about a warning what we given a non – numerical value like e,A,B instead of 1,1 then the TC should be “Verification of warning message state” “invalid i/p on the screen, when the i/p given as character.

To be Continued ( Documentation) …






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