Identify defects · S/W Testing

Test Case Design & Documentation

Test Design : Specifying the test cases

Its creating and writing test suite for testing a s/w

Test Suites or Test Bed:

Its an environment that contain the h/w and s/w needed to test a s/w component or s/w system.

Test : Its a group of related test cases or a group of test procedure ( Steps needed to carry out the test)

Test oracle (Doc) like

Its a document, or a piece of s/w that allow tests to determine whether the test has been passed or failed

Test Case define as 

A set of test input’s, execute and expected results developed to a particular objective such to exercise to particular program path or to verify a complaints with a specific requirement

Test Cases are the specific input’s that you will try and the procedures that you follow when you test the s/w

A sequence of one or more sub tests executed and sequence of sub test because outcomes and or final state of one subset in the i/p of the test

The test i/p or conditions and the expected results specifies what the Applications Under Test (AUT) should produce in the test i/p, This includes messages generated the AUT, exception returned value and the result en stage of the AUT and its environment.

Test cases may also specify the initial and resulting condition for other object that constitute AUT and its environment.


what we are trying to achieve when we run test cases

  1. minimize states related law suit risk? (out of scope)
  2. Find safe scenarios use of the product (find ways to get it to work, in-spite of the bugs)
  3. A system quality
  4. Correctness and verify the product
  5. Test case documentation -> This specifies the i/p’s prediction result and the set of execution conditions for a test items a module

Test cases are selected the program is executed and the results are compared with estimated result (Analysis the test result, Consider the example of sorting a set of given string)

The string can be letter in words or sentences all these possible string has to given a i/p and the s/w has to be tested

1. Strictly all combination of i/p must be check if this is done is know “exhaustive testing”

However this testing costly and from consuming a subset of all combination i/p’s needed for testing is known a test cases

Its has to be design based on following

2. Criteria

1.Reliability -> A set of test cases is consider as reliable if it defects all error

2.Validity -> A test of test case is consider as valid if at least one test reveal the error

The following technique are used for selective the test

  1. Equivalent Class Partitioning -> In this all possible valid i/p and o/p verified. The test case consist of both valid and invalid i/p’s
  2. Boundary value analysis -> Values that are as the boundary of the equivalent classes “High Yield Test” cases
  3. Cause effect graphics -> In this, for each cause (inputs), effect (action) is identify ID cause effect graphics drawn

Effective test cases preparation 

Pres request for test case (TC) preparation

1.Tester need to have a throw understand of application which  is under test (AUT)

2. Tester need to have a signed off business requirement from BA (Business Administration)

To Be continued  (Test Case Component)



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