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Nasscom – Google – Device Lab Day – I

I am Chathishwaran TS core member of GDG Madurai. My mentor is Mr.Senthilkumar.First of all I would like to thank to Mr.Senthilkumar, Ms.Rupa and Mr Balajibabu to given this wonderful opportunity.

First time I have worked in Google Device Lab NASSCOM 10000 Start up , Dumlor, Bangalore.

I have seen variety of  devices in Device lab separately as Google and Microsoft. then the instructor just instruct me what is a procedure to take device and submit. I followed the step.

I have better knowledge  in Software Testing for Web Application with Manual as well as automation testing.  I know some basic concept about Mobile application testing it mean adb test (Android Debug Bridge)

Previously I wrote about Mobile Applications Testing namely Beginning of Mobile Application Testing., Test cases.

I tested some of the android applications by Nexus device with help of Android Debug Bridge

There are some of commands to follow the procedures till collect the logcat as a text.

The following steps are help to do the application testing

*Turn on the USB debug option in device from setting (Enable the Developer option)

  1. Connect the device into the machine with USB cable
  2. Check the device has been connected with the help of “adb device” command
  3. Install the app from appropriate folder into the device with “install adb application name .apk
  4. Run the installed application in the device
  5. Enter “adb logcat” in command prompt to identify a bugs as well as operate the application
  6. Save the logcat into the Text file with the help of “logcat -d > Name_of_Log_File.txt

The above steps are general step to identify the bug

I would like to write Test cases for adb testing as follows

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