Software Testing

Testing Maturity Model (TMM)

TMM support a “Quality Testing”  process that improves in incremental steps, each level are described in testing, testing capability organization goals and roles / responsibility for Ray Players (Tester)

Its consist of

  1. A set of maturity goals
  2. Supporting maturity sub goals
  3. Activities, Tasks / Responsibilities  (A T R)

Level 1: Initial

There is a lacks of resources, tools and property trained staff. This of organization would be at the level 1 of TMM


Its a critical components of a maturity s/w development process it is a one of the most challenge and positive process activities. The TMM will compliment the CMM ( Capability Maturity Management) by specifically addressing in to test specialist / Manager / software quality assurance staff

TMM is begin develop to address problems in the s/w industry that are causes by in mature testing process. The TMM provide the set of level and an assessment model, and presented set of recommenced process that allow organization, to improve the testing process

This can be achieved by using that maturity criteria will have handling positive impact on s/w quality, s/w energy productivity and cute time reduction efforts.


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