Add android platform to make Android Apps with Ionic Framework (Walk-through)

I decided to take a step at creating a universal Android Apps using the ionic framework. Following my experience configuration what is roughly a clean android platform

First some prerequisites

  • Java SDK   here
  • The Android SDK is available here.
  •  Apache Ant here

After Java installation to set path in your System variable: (walkthroug)

  1. open your computer icon->rightclick open properties->Advanced system settings->system properties->environment Varibales->system variables->here select new->make name as JAVA_HOME->C:Program FilesJavajdk1.7.0->apply->ok
  2. using cmd prompt type java -version   to display the java version.

After Apache download also set path

  1. same as open above points to open environment variables-> select path->edit->to add your apache ant file path copy here(note: to open download and extract to view bin path to copy:….apache-ant-1.9.4bin;)->apply->ok
  2. using cmd prompt type ant -version to display the apache version

After Android SDK download set path

  1. Now small…

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