Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App @ Google India

Hi every one,

Just excited in Google India Office… Basically I am not developer, developer in the sense mobile and web application is separate things. In the Application world there is lot of techniques avail in the cloud. Two type of mobile application namely – Hybrid – Native. It might be of small different.

Progressive web app is new born but experience application. Hope you could not understand bcoz We need to know much more of things about the PWA

From the yesterday I learnt some of things in PWA

  1. Why Build Progressive Web Apps
  2. Your audience, your content
  3. Design for all your users
  4. Responsive design
  5. Responsive images
  6. Core technologies
  7. Intro to service workers
  8. Offline quick start

Let see today (15-02-2017) in the session..

Thanks to #gdgmadurai #gdg #googledevelpers #googleindia #metoomentor #thegeeksevent

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