Testing - Effective - Efficient

Challenge of effective and efficient testing

1.The main challenge is to finding a defect which may evaluated by the program while developing the s/w developer 2.To “gaining the confidence ” in and providing into about the level of “quality” 3. To prevent defects 4. To make sure that the end result or product “meets the business end user requirement” 5. To… Continue reading Challenge of effective and efficient testing

Objective · Purpose

Software testing objective and purpose

1.It is really require to point out the defects and error that were made during the development phase 2.Its essential since it make huge of the customer reliability and their satisfaction in the application 3. Its very important to ensure the quality  of the product. Quality product is deliver to the customer helps in gain their… Continue reading Software testing objective and purpose

Identify defects · S/W Testing

Principles of Software Testing

1.Testing shows the presents of defects Its can shows the defects of presents, but can’t prove these are no defects even after testing the application or product, therefore we can’t say that the product is  either 100%  defect or not Its always reduces the no of “undiscovered” defects remaining in the s/w, but even if… Continue reading Principles of Software Testing

S/W Testing · Who and When

Software Testing II (Who & When)

Who does testing? Its depends on process and associated stack holder of project moreover developer also conduct testing which called “unit testing” Who may can test -> Software tester, Software developer, Project head, Project manager, End user, Software assurance engineer, QA analyst When to start testing? An “early test” start to test “reduces the cost”… Continue reading Software Testing II (Who & When)

Software Testing

Software Testing – I

Software Testing – I Before we entering into testing we should know about s/w development process Software Development process Its a process, that described series of phases, procedures and steps thats used to result in the production of s/w product Requirements Analysis and Process -> Product specification Process -> Design Process -> Testing Process (Verification… Continue reading Software Testing – I

photoshop · wordpress

What is Photoshop and How to use Photoshop in WordPress (Part I)

Hi everyone welcome to WordPress Creating and Editing custom theme. In this upcoming blog I am going to step to the conceptualize of the  designing with complete WordPress to specific need to client. First of all lets see what is Photoshop and its process. This is the year to celebrate 26th birthday of Photoshop. Okay fine…,… Continue reading What is Photoshop and How to use Photoshop in WordPress (Part I)